The Open Is Coming!!!

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July 20, 2022
The Open Is Coming!!!

If you have been around CrossFit or All Level for a while, this is one of the most exciting phrases you can hear. A three week celebration of all of the hard work you have put in and a chance to see how your fitness stacks up against your fellow All Leveler, other people in your profession, against those in your city, your province, your country and worldwide! Whether you do it to try and qualify for the next level or just to test yourself, it's a month filled with fun, fitness and friends.

The Open is global competition that this year has two ways to participate. A "No Equipment" version (bodyweight only) and the "At Home" version which only requires a skip rope, dumbbell, barbell with some plates, plyo box and a pull up bar. To go with those two ways to participate, there will also be three divisions this year, the "Foundations" division for those who are new to CrossFit and the familiar "Scaled" and "RX".

With the addition of these new ways to participate and an additional entry level division, the Open will be accessible to even more athletes, including the amazing announcement that there will be an Adaptive Athlete category. As a gym that has an Adaptive Athlete program and has made inclusion a cornerstone of our mission, this is music to our ears. We can't wait to see some of our athletes crush whatever is thrown their way.

So now you know what the Open is, it's time to tell you how it works!

Each week for three weeks starting March 11th, CrossFit will announce a workout on Thursday night that must be completed and score submitted online by the following Monday at 8pm. Sounds simple (and it is) but our gym likes to make things even more fun by creating intramural teams (this year all captained by our Coaches and named after superheroes) who will battle it out for the Intramural Open Cup. Recruiting will start soon and beware as it can get pretty fierce. Expect to be flattered, bribed, cajoled, coerced, blackmailed and more in an effort to join a team (don't worry it's all in the name of good fun). From there every athlete on a team will get one point for completing and submitting their score online at with bonus points awarded for top finishers and spirit/challenges. Things get pretty wacky around here when the Open rolls through. Expect crazy costumes, choreographed dances, team handshakes and much, much more.

Bottom line is that the Open is a great chance to celebrate all of the things you love about CrossFit. The challenge, the community, the camaraderie and the sense of accomplishment. And the best part is that you get to do it with people you love and who will support you every inch of the way, regardless of whether you smash the WOD or tank it. The energy is palpable. The laughter is frequent, and the memories will last forever.

In the words of Dave Castro, the Director of the CrossFit Games, and the diabolical genius behind programming every CrossFit Open workout

“The last year has been tough for everyone, so we want to kick off the 2021 season with a compelling and accessible Open that can meet the needs of every athlete in the world,” Castro said in the announcement. “Whether you’re surrounded by people in your local gym, working out alone at home, or listening to friends cheer over Zoom, the Open will energize you and remind you why you are part of CrossFit.”

Go to to register today!

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