Providing Services Under the Reopening of Ontario Act

All Level CrossFit
July 20, 2022
Providing Services Under the Reopening of Ontario Act


Since the current lockdown (Version 4.0) started on January 5th 2022, we have been open under Ontario Regulation 57/21 of the Reopening of Ontario Act 2020.  This allows us to service members who have a medical recommendation obtained from a registered health professional (ie. RMT, Chiropractor, Family Doctor, or Physiotherapist, Nurse etc).

This can be for:

We will be honouring notes from previous lockdowns.  It will be the clients responsibility to have the note with you when you come to the gym.  We are not allowed to ask to see the contents of the note.  

We have several new procedures that will need to be followed as well in order to remain open.  

  1. Appointments must be booked on the Wellness App (search Wellness Living Achieve on your app store) or via our online schedule for all one hour blocks. The doors will be open 10 mins before and locked 5 mins after the one hour block has started. This is so our staff can confirm vaccine status at the front door (see #3 below) and still ensure clients are moving safely.
  2. All clients must carry a note from their registered health care provider as outlined above. If you need any guidance or help with this, please contact
  3. You must scan your Government of Ontario issued vaccine passport QR code (get it HERE) at the door and confirm your date of birth and name with a piece of Government issued ID (Health Card, Driver's License, Passport, etc).
  4. Fill out the COVID screening on the Ipad or via the QR code at the front desk.
  5. You must wear your masks AT ALL TIMES when you are not working out. This means entering and exiting the building, going to the washroom, getting any equipment, etc.

I know this seems like a lot, but this is the only way we can provide valuable and necessary services to our members. 

Failure to comply with any of the above rules could result in a $10 000 fine (to start) for the gym.  We simply can't afford that and ask that you only attend the facility if you can satisfy all of the above conditions. 

We will do our best to make the process as smooth as possible, but please be kind as we are making the best of a sub-optimal situation. 

Stay strong All Level Family.  Be here for each other.  Stay active.  Your fitness is more important than ever.  We will emerge from this much, much, much stronger and more importantly, still together.  

Love ALLways,

The All Level Family. 

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