Your Guide to The 2024 CrossFit Open at All Level CrossFit

Why you should register for the 2024 CrossFit Open at All Level CrossFit
January 23, 2024
Your Guide to The 2024 CrossFit Open at All Level CrossFit

The CrossFit Open starts in 39 days!

That's awesome...but wait...what is the CrossFit Open!??

The Open is a 3 week celebration of fitness, fun, progress, camaraderie and community.

Ok! That does sound awesome, so how does it work?

It works like this!

CrossFit releases one workout per week (starting Feb. 29th) on Thursdays at 3pm EST. We then have until Monday at 8pm to complete the workout and submit our scores at . (adaptive athletes will submit at

It costs $20 US to register and that gives you access to a worldwide leaderboard with your name on it! You can also filter the leaderboard by province, city, profession, university and more. Almost anything you can think of, the leaderboard can show you how you stack up against your peers. There are also multiple versions of the workout so you can choose the one that best fits your skill and fitness level. RX for those who have been around a while and can do most of the movements and use the RX weights in our daily WODs. Scaled for those who need to modify some workouts and generally use the Intermediate weights for our WODs. There is also a Foundations version for those newer to CrossFit and who mostly do our Sweat track. In the Scaled and RX versions of each WOD there are sub divisions (masters, adaptive, teens). This year we will have athletes in all of those divisions competing in the Open! It really is for everyone!

Ok, So it's a Big Competition...But Wait...What if I Don't Like Competition??

Well, at it's core, the CrossFit Open is the first stage in determining the fittest man, woman, teen, masters and adaptive athletes in the world, but for most of us it is really about testing ourselves. Seeing what areas our fitness is strong and in what areas it needs work, helping us set new goals and most importantly, having fun with our gym community. So even though you are technically competing in the largest online fitness competition in the world, it is really about pushing yourself further than you might have thought possible and then celebrating the HECK out of it with your buddies.

Cool! But I'm Really New To The Gym? Sounds Like it Might Be Too Much For Me?

No way! Besides the fact that there are multiple versions of each workout (RX, Scaled, Foundations, Adaptive, Masters, etc), we program them for our daily class WOD the Friday after they come out. So you are going to be doing them anyway!  And, we organize the gym into four intramural teams for a little friendly competition, so getting a point for your team by completing the workout is a bonus! Plus the shirts are really, really cool!

Ok! What if I'm An Open Veteran? Anything New I Need to Know?

Glad you asked Open vet! There is! This year the top 25% in each RX Division (Individual, Masters, Adaptive, Teen) will be moving onto the Quarterfinals, the next step in the Open. More WODs, more chances to PR, more chances to see your name on the leaderboard. It's going to be another week of the best atmosphere, with cheering, high fiving and firebreathers smashing WODs!

Great! Now I Know What the CrossFit Open is, but Tell Me About the All Level Intramural Open I've Heard So Much About!

You bet! The intramural open is our way of making the CrossFit Open even more fun...if that's possible!! We start by dividing the gym up in to 4 teams with fun captains. This year our theme for the Open is the "Four Elements: Earth, Fire, Water and Air." Each team will be represented by an element. So Team Fire, Team Water, Team Earth and Team Air". Each team will have a Captain and a coach for a co-captain. This year's captains are: Fire--Nicky B, Earth--Lynn A, Water--JP, Air--Derek H. Coach co-captains will be selected at a later date. Our valiant captains will select their team through a live random draft to be held Feb. 3rd at 12:30pm at the gym. Check out the details HERE .     

Members will be separated into different categories based on what division we anticipate them competing in. RX (Male/Female), Scaled (M/F), Foundations (M/F), Masters (M/F), Adaptive (M/F) and Teens (M/F). Team captains will then randomly select their teams by drawing names from each category of athlete. We'd love to have you attend live so we can snap a pic of you with your team's shirt and post it on the socials! Once the teams are selected, we get to the business of the Intramual Open! As you read earlier, CrossFit releases 1 workout per week for 3 weeks on Thursday afternoon. On Friday we do it in class and some lucky/brave/crazy folks do it at our FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS event. Friday Night Lights is a chance to show case our athletes performing the Open workouts, but also, and more importantly, it is a chance for your team to show your spirit by performing fun games and activities at the event. We have chosen themes for each Friday Night Lights party and here they are!

**Friday March 1st. Hawaiian Luau. Dress in your best Hawaiian shirt or beachy attire. We will have Hawaiian themed food and games.

**Friday March 8th. Country and Western. Cowboy boots, hats, jeans and plaid shirts. Bull riding and other cowboy/girl themed events and food!

**Friday March 15th. Pyjama party!  Wear your finest PJs and get ready for some slumber themed games and late night snacks.

Athletes will get points for their teams by completing the workout and submitting their scores at (adaptive athletes will submit at

The best way to keep track of Open workouts, submit scores and more is by downloading the CrossFit Games App. Check it for iPhone HERE and for Android HERE.

Athletes can also get bonus points for their team by landing in the top 3 for each division. 3 for 1st place, 2 for 2nd place and 1 for 3rd place. We also award 5 bonus points for the team with the most spirit (team members dressed up, participating in games, bringing themed snacks, etc) each week. Essentially, each Friday Night Lights event is an excuse for us to have a party!

So, to wrap it up sign up for the CrossFit Open.

If you are registering for the Adaptive Division go to

Here is the schedule for this year's Open!

The 2024 Intramural Schedule

Can't wait to see everyone on the comp floor!!

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