The Sigma Two Phenomenon

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July 20, 2022
The Sigma Two Phenomenon
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What is the 2 Sigma Phenomenon? It' was proposed by educational psychologist Benjamin Bloom in 1984 in his research on education and learning. It states that individuals who receive one-on-one instruction perform 2 standard deviations better than those who receive generalized group instruction. That's a huge difference. That takes a C student to an A student. That means that the individual that receives one-on-one instruction performs better than 98% of the class.

This is especially true for those that don't learn well in group settings or have difficulties with specific topics or skills. So how does this apply to the gym and specifically to All Level CrossFit? Well, essentially, a class is a classroom and the coach is the teacher. We do our best to give each student (athlete) the individual attention they need, but if you are having trouble with a skill or movement it can be tough to solve in the time constraints of a one hour class. And just like a school classroom, a CrossFit class has a diverse group of athletes, all at different levels, all with different learning skills.

So where does this leave us. Well, it shows us that one-on-one training can't be beat for learning, whether that is in school, or in the gym. Which is why all of our new clients go through one-on-one training before joining group classes and some decide to stay in that format indefinitely. It is also our recommendation for those with problems that need a little more analysis to really dig into or those with very specific goals. So with that being said, here are some reasons Personal Training might be right for you!

  1. You have been modifying the same movement for a long period of time. Been at the gym for 2 years but still can't but a barbell on your front rack? Maybe it's time talk to a coach. Have them put you through our movement assessment and get to the root cause of what is preventing you from getting in a good (and safe position). From their our coaches can prescribe a corrective program to help you do the things you want!

2. You have a time sensitive goal and need a more aggressive solution to get there on time. What does this look like? You have a wedding in two months and you really want to look good in that suit/dress. In this scenario, a one-on-one coach can provide you with a plan to follow for your specific and time sensitive goal of body re-composition, that is tailored to you. This might involve nutrition coaching paired with a training program or nutrition only.

3. You have a sport specific goal. Maybe it's winning the CrossFit Games, maybe it's running a Spartan Race, maybe it's winning a sailing regatta. Regardless of what it is, each sport comes with a specific set of benchmarks you will need to compete. For the CrossFit Games you need to have over a 275lb for a male, upwards of 20 unbroken ring muscle ups, etc, etc. For a Spartan Race you need to be able to run over terrain, climb ropes, swing on bars, etc, etc. For a sailing regatta you need to have the best strength to weight ratio you can, lots of grip strength, an iron core, etc. Each sport has unique skills that you might not get to sharpen in a class. With one-on-one coaching (or individual design/remote programming) your coach can break down the tasks you need to complete and then further into the skills and strength you need to possess.

4. You are in pain. You've got a shoulder that stops you from throwing a baseball with your kids. You have a knee that doesn't allow you to run any more. You have a sore back that keeps you from playing basketball. You have a sore wrist that means no overhead squats. Whatever it is, your coach can assess you, find the underlying problem and give you a program to fix it. And if they can't, our team can refer you out to someone who can.

5. Your schedule is crazy and doesn't allow you to attend classes on a regular basis. This doesn't mean you shouldn't still pursue your fitness!! It just means that a mix of in person sessions built around your schedule and "at home" or "on the road" programming might be a good fit.

These are just a few of the scenarios where Personal Training, Remote Coaching, Nutrition Coaching or Individual Design might be a good fit. Where ever there is a health and wellness related problem, one-on-one coaching is the fastest way to solving it.

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