SugarWOD/Push Press Switch-A-Roo!

All Level CrossFit
July 20, 2022
SugarWOD/Push Press Switch-A-Roo!

Hi All!

There has been some confusion (understandably so) about the apps we will be using to sign into classes and to track our work outs. Hopefully this email can shine some light on the apps you will need, when you will need them and why we are making some changes.

Firstly, we WILL be switching both our member tracking and billing software from Wellness Living Achieve to Push Press Member. Our current target date is June 1st 2022 for full migration to the new software. Initially it was going to be sooner, but Push Press is still working on direct debit support in Canada, which we would like to wait for. The reason we have chosen to move to Push Press over Wellness Living is the automation of some tasks like a self serve kiosk and the ability to make pre-orders on items. It also has a cleaner back end for financial reports and lower over all fees. Wins across the board.

What is Push Press Member?

Push Press member logo
Push Press Member Logo

PushPress is a modern, user-friendly fitness management system that solves real problems—and doesn't create new ones. It is a platform built by gym owners, for gym owners with over 2000 other gyms worldwide using it.

  1. Download Push Press Members
  2. Download Android: Push Press for Android
  3. Download iPhone: Push Press for iOS.

This brings us to our choice to move to SugarWOD by May 14th 2022. We have been with Beyond the Whiteboard for a long time (8 years) and have really enjoyed being a part of their community. The simple answer to why we are switching is because SugarWOD integrates into Push Press. This allows clients to be able to see the WODs in the Push Press member app (the app we will book classes in). SugarWOD is also a great tracking app and also great for socializing around its feed (gifs, fist bumps, pics, etc).

What is SugarWOD?

SugarWOD logo
SugarWOD Logo

SugarWOD is a workout app that allows you to prep, track and interact all in one place. Athletes will have access to their workout history, a barbell lift percentage calculator and features like photo sharing, fist bumps and comments to encourage even more interaction between athletes and their coach.

  1. Download SugarWOD
  2. Download Android:
  3. Download iPhone:
  4. Set up a new account and add All Level CrossFit as your gym. If needed, enter the passcode ALL1821 to enter the gym!
  5. Start tracking your workouts, watching your incredible progress, and supporting your fellow members!

We are hoping this email has cleared things up, but if it hasn't please email


The All Level Team

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