Lazy Macro Challenge

CrossFit Nutrition challenge focusing on protein intake and fruit and vegetable consumption that promotes weight loss.
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September 1, 2022
Lazy Macro Challenge

What Is It?

The Lazy Macros® Challenge focuses on ensuring a baseline level of fruits, veggies, and protein
every day – without weighing and measuring everything and without restricting anything!
(Remember, it’s “lazy”!).

It combines the #800gChallenge® (eating 800 grams, by weight, of fruits and veggies each day)
with a protein target. By setting a target on items that are underrepresented in most diets, the
overall quantity is reduced and a better micro & macronutrient balance is achieved.

Points will also be awarded for working out and achieving enough sleep. The Lazy Macros®
Challenge tackles the major areas in diet & lifestyle that affect the goals most everyone wants:
better body composition, performance, and overall health.

Daily Education and Leaderboarding

Not only do you focus on what to add to the diet (not eliminate), we are using SugarWOD to distribute nutrition content throughout the challenge in a private track. You’ll get educational tips each day. This also means we’ve got real-time leaderboarding to see where you stack up! Get motivation from the friendly competition just like we do for our workouts.

This challenge was created by EC Synkowski of OptimizeMe Nutrition, a Certified Nutrition Specialist® who has educated thousands of individuals on nutrition. 

Aren’t Nutrition Challenges a Waste of Time?

Not when the challenge focuses on practices that should continue past the 4 weeks. Nutrition challenges that focus on extreme or unsustainable behaviours aren’t always the most productive particularly when people are just waiting to get back to their “old ways.” But when we focus on practices that can be used every day, forever, a challenge can be a fun way to work on creating lifelong habits. 




Monday Sept. 12th to Oct. 9th

Ok, Ok, I’m In!

Great! Sign-up HERE

Once you sign up, look for a private track in SugarWOD starting next weekend. We officially start on Monday, Sept. 12th.

Want to Learn More?

Come to our member meeting Sept 7th, 6:30pm on Zoom

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