"Get'r Done"

All Level CrossFit
July 20, 2022
"Get'r Done"

Hey folks. So this is me, doing a pull-up. See that curved line, running off-centre in my low back? Yeah. That's my spine. It curves the other way in my upper back, for a cool backwards-S look. Scoliosis is why I likely won't ever be a big barbell guy. But it's also why working every aspect of my fitness is so important. Before I took control of my health, I stumbled (sometimes literally) from one episode of debilitating back pain to another. I'm glad opioids weren't popular prescription choices a decade ago because who knows where I might have ended up.

My point is that taking control of your health doesn't mean not bothering unless you're already perfect. It means working with what you have, leaving your ego behind, and putting the work in. I realized the other day that I actually don't remember the last time my back went out. I think it's been years.

Which isn't to say I'm pain-free. I think about it with just about every move I make in a workout, and I've learned to identify my own warning signs for when I need to scale or slow down. Some days are better than others, but I know that being active is a huge positive overall.

Get'r done, my friends. You got this, no matter your starting point.
--Coach Scott Pratt

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