Built To Move Challenge

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June 26, 2023
Built To Move Challenge

What is the Challenge?

It's easy!  Use your device (Garmin watch, Apple Watch, Iphone, Android, FitBit, etc) to track your daily steps every day for the month of July.   Enter the steps into SugarWOD in the daily WOD called "Built to Move Challenge".  One step equals one rep.  We will keep a leaderboard and update it weekly so we can see how we are doing.  We will reward the top 3 placers at the end of the challenge with prizes TBA from our sponsors.  

Why a step challenge?  Because, as the name of the challenge implies, we are built to move, but unfortunately due to our modern environment we spend a lot of time sitting in less than ideal positions.   Read this excerpt from the book, Built To Move, that inspired this challenge:

"More walking is associated with less obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, depression, anxiety, certain cancers – the list goes on. It strengthens your joints and bones, boosts your circulation, and even improves your sleep, mood and memory. Oh, and get this – walking 8000 steps a day burns twice as many calories than running three times a week."

Sounds like a win to me.  So what is our goal?  If you don't currently get a lot of steps, then shoot for something achievable like the aforementioned 8000.  But if you hit 8000 in your sleep, then bump it up to 10 000 or 12 000.  12 000 steps is approximately equivalent to 8km of walking!  A lot, but very doable.  I suggest you break it up  into smaller more manageable distances throughout the day rather than trying to cram in 6km at the end of the day (unless that's your thing, then have at it!).   And as anything we do in the gym, we aren't looking for perfection, just progress.  So if you don't hit your total on one day, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back on that horse (don't really, cause horse steps don't count, only ones you do).  You get the picture.  You probably won't hit your steps everyday, but the cumulative effect of a month of more moving will definitely be measurable.    Whether your metric is the scale, your mood, your energy or anything else, I'm betting it will improve by moving more. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out by replying to this email or texting us at 226 799 1552

Good luck and see you on the sidewalk!

The All Level Team!

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