All Leveler for Jan 2024--Lexi L!

CrossFit athlete of the month for January 2024.
December 31, 2023
All Leveler for Jan 2024--Lexi L!

1. How long have you been doing CrossFit? What got you started?  I’ve been doing CrossFit for about three years now! I started CrossFit to help find friends, help me mentally & physically & most importantly get me through my journey of sobriety.

My mom was the one who encouraged me to join All Level CrossFit!

2. What aspect of our core values of authentic, driven, and inclusive do you relate to the most? Why? I think I relate to all three but If I had to choose one core value it would be inclusive because all the coaches & gym members are so welcoming, understanding,helpful, supportive, caring people! I have such a fun time every time I’m at the gym whether I'm in class or doing open gym I'm always am having a blast & is also the best part about my day everyday!

3. What do you most look forward to when you come to the gym?  when I come to the gym I most looking forward to seeing my friends & doing the classes with the coaches! Learning from & interacting with the coaches

In the classes is my favourite thing about the gym & a part of my day because this is where I think I improve the most when learning new skills in CrossFit!

4. What is your favourite memory at All Level CrossFit? My favourite memory at All Level CrossFit is probably every time I do row club! This is my favourite memory because I meet so many new friends to workout with who cheer me on, make me laugh & help me push through the workouts! It just makes me feel included & I love it !

5. What goals have you set for yourself in CrossFit that you’ve successfully achieved? A goal of mine was to get better at back squatting heavier weight using percentages which was very tough to learn but I can say I have been successfully achieving that! My current goal for next year is to back squat 200lbs, so hopefully with more practice I’ll be able to do it !

6. What advice do you have for someone who’s on the fence about starting CrossFit? The advice I have for someone who is on the fence about CrossFit is probably to just do it! It’s so much fun & you won’t regret it !

7. How has your experience at improved your life outside of the gym? CrossFit has helped me learn so much about how great people are & how supportive the community at the can be gym! The gym has help me get through a lot of past bad habits, which has helped me physically & mentally and to learn a new healthy addiction.

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