All Level CrossFit April 2022 Member of the Month

All Level CrossFit
July 20, 2022
All Level CrossFit April 2022 Member of the Month
April CrossFit Member of the Month
  1. How long have you been doing CrossFit? What got you started? Since November 2019, I got started because I needed something more than your regular treadmill or weightlifting room. I needed something that would motivate me to get to that uncomfortable point but also show me that getting to that uncomfortable point is not only okay but needed.
  2. What aspect of our core values of authentic, driven, and inclusive do you relate to the most? Why? Absolutely the core value of driven because without drive you’re never going to achieve your goals.
  3. What do you most look forward to when you come to the gym? The thing I most look forward to when coming to the gym is that feeling of support. I feel like fitness is a very sensitive subject for most and I’ve never felt embarrassed when I didn’t do a move properly or couldn’t do a move at all.
  4. What is your favourite memory at All Level CrossFit? Favourite memory is the first time I passed the beep test with Zach. We had been training for months at that point and to finally pass it and have him high five me while I was laying on ground crying was just so surreal
  5. What goals have you set for yourself in CrossFit that you’ve successfully achieved? What are your current goals? The goal I set for myself was to be able to pass the police fitness test. My current goal is achieving that again. Zach and I go through waves in our training. The last couple months have been about maintenance but its game time now and we have to get me back in testing shape
  6. What advice do you have for someone who’s on the fence about starting CrossFit? DO IT. I promise you won’t find another regimen that will motivate you and encourage you the way CrossFit does
  7. How has your experience at All Level CrossFit improved your life outside of the gym? Its definitely made me more confident and allowed me to relieve stress in a really healthy way

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