October 2023 All Leveler Mike W!

Our All Level CrossFit member of the month for October 2023!
October 2, 2023
October 2023 All Leveler Mike W!
  1. How long have you been doing CrossFit? What got you started? I’ve been doing All level CrossFit for just over a year. Mr. Kyle Cant first introduced me to CrossFit at the Fire House. Kyle would come to the Fire House about 3 to 4 days a week and program us a workout. He would stay and coach us the entire time. So I dabbled with CrossFit a little before becoming a member. I was hooked on it and wanted to learn more. Kyle brought me to All Level as I guest.  From then on, it was hook, line and sinker.
  2. What aspect of our core values of authentic, driven, and inclusive do you relate to the most? Why? Really tough question as all these core values are equally important. But I would say driven. I am driven to show up, to succeed, and to positively be part of the CrossFit family. You can definitely see that the other members are driven as well which definitely helps me. As well, the coaches are driven to improve themselves and are also driven to help all of us become better.  The coaches lead by example and want to filter down any knowledge and skills they know to us members as they care about us succeeding
  3. What do you most look forward to when you come to the gym? I look forward to seeing everyone there showing their commitment to health and wellness by participating in the WOD’s.   We all push each other in a positive way.  I look forward to not only me hitting benchmarks and or PR’s, but everyone else around me doing it as well.  One of my favourite classes is the 4 PM on Tuesdays. The Inclusive athletes really hit my heart.  The amount of energy and excitement they bring to the gym I can’t even explain.  You have to be there to see and feel it.  It’s incredible.  
  4. What is your favorite memory at All Level CrossFit? One of my favourite memories is when I was taking a PT class with Jaleesa. We were working on bar muscle ups. I was able to get my first one and the reaction from everyone there was amazing. I remember hearing Coach Stephanie and Coach Jaleesa’s cheers and seeing their faces after I hit it.  I remember thinking how great it was that they cared so much about my success.  Something you don’t get in a conventional gym.  But I can’t go on without saying another one was the JD Classic. Not only was it my first in-house competition, it was for a great cause. It was amazing to see the CrossFit family come together and show how much they care.  
  5. What goals have you set for yourself in CrossFit that you’ve successfully achieved? When I first started, I wanted to succeed at everything right away.  From the Gymnastics to the Olympic Weightlifting to even double-unders. I would get frustrated when I couldn’t do a movement.   But I had to be patient……..plus I might be a little stubborn and impatient…haha.  I started setting short term goals  I would work on one thing at a time.  Through the help of the coaches and the members I was successfully able to complete bar and ring muscle ups, double-unders and handstand walks.  My current goals are to string muscle ups, cross-overs, improve my weightlifting form and to become a better rower.  I was fortunate enough to take the gymnastics class with Coach Stephanie which improved my skills.   I am now signed up for the Olympic Weightlifting classes with Coach Jaleesa as well as the Rowing Club with Coach Zach which will help me attain these current goals.  
  6. What advice do you have for someone who’s on the fence about starting CrossFit? I would say…….just give it a try.  Like anything in life, how do you know it won’t work or you won’t like it if you don’t try. A good friend of mine once told me,  “it’s better to try and know than not and wonder”.  CrossFit is not like a regular conventional gym. You don’t come in and work on chest and tri’s one day and or back and bi’s the next day. CrossFit is a strength and conditioning workout that is made up a functional movement performed at high intensity levels.  Honestly for me it’s the best workouts I’ve ever had.  Another thing is, don’t be nervous. We all started this lifestyle change just like you. And everyone in the gym wants to help and see you succeed.
  7. How has your experience at improved your life outside of the gym? One of the main reasons I workout  is because diabetes runs in my family. My grandparents both had it. My father and younger brother both have it. I believe with proper nutrition and physical activity I have a better chance of not being a diabetic. As well, being physically fit, definitely benefits me with my career in the Fire Service. At times it’s a physically demanding job and I want to be able to perform at the highest level when needed from the community and or my brothers and sisters.  CrossFit also give me an outpost mentally. If I’m stressed or having an off day, I know going to the gym gives me that outlet to help with my mental well-being.  

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