Zachary Mack

Zachary Mack


Mens age group Quarter Finals 2022

Coached All Level 2K Row Club

Detroit Half Marathon Finisher

Row Series Online Competitor

Northern Arizona Division 2 Team Captain- Go Lumberjacks!


CrossFit Level 1

CrossFit Level 2

USA Weightlifting Level 1 Coach

CrossFit Anatomy certificate

CrossFit Running Certificate

CrossFit Judges Course

About Coach Kerry

Grew up playing hockey - Joined CrossFit 4 years ago looking to stay competitive with physical fitness. A highlight of my coaching career with CrossFit would be running successful running, rowing, and nutrition programs.

Turning Point

A turning point in my life would be overcoming anxieties by taking the first step into fitness. Once that first step was taken to get back on track with fitness, the community and accountability of our gym made the next steps easier.

Motivation & Passion

My motivation in coaching is seeing the progress of my clients. Everyone I coach is unique and has individually based goals. There is no goal too small or large when embarking on your fitness journey. I’m here to make you the best version of yourself and create impactful lifelong changes in the process.

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