Stephanie Dufour

Stephanie Dufour

Coach & Personal Trainer

Clean: 190lb (chasing 200!)

Competed in the RX division at the 2022 CanWest Games

CrossFit Open Quarterfinals 2022, 2023

Former competitive swimmer and coach


CrossFit Level 2

CrossFit Running Certification

CrossFit Nutrition

About Coach Kerry

My name is Steph and I’m from a small town just outside of Windsor, Ontario. My dad motivated me to be competitive in sports at a young age. I took up competitive swimming as my first sport and pursued volleyball and basketball through elementary and high school. A couple of shoulder operations forced me to take some time off of the court/out of the pool throughout the university, so I focused more on earning my Combined Honours Degree in Criminology and French Studies (oui, j’sais comment parler en français!)

Turning Point

I lost motivation to stay fit after my second shoulder surgery. I would try to do workouts at the university gym, but I dreaded it. I stopped working out entirely. I would go out and party with my friends every weekend. I gained a lot of unhealthy weight and hated the way I looked. I discovered CrossFit late in my university career and fell in love with it immediately! It provided me with a way to stay competitive in sports and get fit again! CrossFit became a conduit to a healthier lifestyle for me. I’m more confident than I’ve ever been.

Motivation & Passion

I love this sport. I love watching people succeed and achieve goals that they work so hard to achieve. I have clients who are looking to lose weight and ease back into working out a few times per week and I have clients who are hoping to learn new gymnastics skills/sharpen up on Olympic lifting. I enjoy coaching and working with both!

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