Nutrition Challenge Jan 23rd 2023

Nutrition challenge and coaching for everyone!
January 12, 2023
Nutrition Challenge Jan 23rd 2023

The holidays have come and gone and now it's definitely time to get back on track.

Whether you are a dedicated gym goer or just want to start with the basics, this challenge is for you.

The goal of this challenge isn't for you to lose 20lbs in 4's to help you develop habits that will serve you lifetime and lead to you a healthier, stronger you.

Here's what you get!

**Initial Consultation with a Nutrition Coach

**End of Challenge In Person Meeting

**Group Accountability in the Facebook Group

**Over 100 Healthy Recipes

**Sample Meal Ideas

**Weekly Videos in the Facebook Group

**Daily Habit Tracker

It will be run with full guidance and support from our Nutrition Coach and comes with the SugarWOD app to help you track your progress day to day.

So take control of your nutrition and sign up today!

If you are ready to start click this LINK to register. Need more info? Email for details

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