Jenn - Boot Camp

All Level CrossFit
July 20, 2022
Jenn - Boot Camp

It’s hard to believe our 8-week boot camp is almost over! I cannot express enough how much I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Coaches Claire, Danielle, Chad and all the ladies in our group.I have felt so welcomed and part of your CrossFit family ever since I walked through the doors and met Jarred & Claire and told them how anxious I was to join. They both immediately eased my fears and made me feel like I could do it - and they were right!Claire is such an amazing coach and person. She is a wonderful leader with great energy who inspires me to work harder and to continually improve and challenge myself. She has done something that no one else has ever done-she's made me look forward to working out!All of the coaches have been so accepting, positive and motivating – which is why I've enjoyed the classes so much-it makes all this hard physical work much easier to take! I also love how every movement has a scaled option and that I'm not made to feel "less than" when I'm having trouble with the original movement and have to scale down. This is so helpful for someone like me who is starting from a very low fitness level - it made the classes and the movements much less intimidating.I have worked out at other places with instructors who thought they were motivating us by yelling at us to work harder and faster and who would even try to make us feel badly for asking for modifications or if we couldn’t keep up with everyone else’s pace. That backfires though, as it really just ends up with us trying to keep up to a fitness level we're not ready for or sacrificing correct form, which can lead to injuries-and in my case, made me not want to go back!The coaching team at All Level CrossFit provides a much better environment that motivates and inspires its members. Encouraging us to go a little deeper or a little longer in such positive ways helps us to want to do better - not because we're shamed into doing it, but because if you believe we can do it, that makes us believe it too. These may seem like small things - positive words of encouragement during a workout, showing scaled options or just a quick high five - but these little things are the reasons why I want to continue on my fitness journey with your CrossFit family.All in all, joining the boot camp is the best gift that I have ever given myself, and I look forward to the next one in January.

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