Iesha Ellwood All Leveler Oct. 2022

All Level CrossFit member of the month for October 2022.
October 5, 2022
Iesha Ellwood All Leveler Oct. 2022

1.     How long have you been doing CrossFit? What got you started?
I’ve been doing CrossFit for about 4 years. I was invited by my friend Julia Lane.
2.     What aspect of our core values of authentic, driven, and inclusive do you relate to the most? Why?
Inclusive, because everyone makes me feel like I’m part of the team.
3.     What do you most look forward to when you come to the gym?
I look forward to seeing my friends and doing my favorite exercises (plate hops and step-ups).
4.     What is your favorite memory at All Level CrossFit?
Doing the competitions and everyone cheering me on
5. What goals have you set for yourself in CrossFit that you’ve successfully achieved? What are your current goals?
Doing new exercises like burpees, bench press, and knees to chest.
My current goals are box step-ups with no help, and proper push-ups.
5.     What advice do you have for someone who’s on the fence about starting CrossFit?
You should try it, it helps build confidence
6.     How has your experience at All Level CrossFit improved your life outside of the gym?
It’s helped me with my balance and made my muscles really strong

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