All Leveler for December Kirsten K!

All Level CrossFit
July 20, 2022
All Leveler for December Kirsten K!

1.) What got you started in CrossFit? How did you hear about it?

I've worked out off and on my entire life. As of recent years I was finding most gyms and studios I belonged to were all about the H.I.I.T workouts. Yes, love them. They are fun, but I was really missing feeling the barbell and good ol' fashion dumb bells in my hands. My fellow co worker and All Leveler herself Daniela O. said that I would just love crossfit....and she was right! (She hasn't been right about anything else since just for the record).

2.) What is your favourite part about coming to the gym? My favorite part about coming to All Level is the "Daily Mindset" each day. I'm not sure if anyone else feels like each day the mindset is totally meant for them...BUT I do. Its like they are all written for me on the exact day I need to hear them. I really take the time to read them the night before and then listen closely as John reads them each morning before the WOD. I love how John always gives an example as well. Honestly its the best part for me. And then coming in as close to the time cap as possible is a close runner up.

3.) What is your favourite CrossFit movement? Least favourite?3. Ok my favourite crossfit movement by far is the strict press. And then push press. And then push ups. I also really enjoy the assault bike! So much I bought one. Not lying. And toes to bar love those too ...ohh and kipping pull ups. Thats it. The least favourite E.A.S.Y. its running. Any running. 100, 200, 400, 800 and anything over should be illegal. Even line sprints is included in this category. Or even the line warm up drills before a running WOD. Dislike that too. All of it.

4.) What are your goals in CrossFit? My goal is to one day be called to compete in the crossfit games. Like get a personal invitation. The scaled version of course. And also to get an endorsement deal with a cool sponsor, say like Dempster's English muffins. I sure eat enough of them. I kinda feel like they owe it to me.

5.) How do you explain your newfound obsession with CrossFit?5. I don't really have to explain my obsession with CrossFit to people. I usually just show them my calluses and they know I'm serious.

6. What advice do you have for someone who is thinking of trying CrossFit? My advice for someone who wants to try CrossFit is do it! It's something everyone should at least try once...and really after that their journey begins. CrossFit can open many doors in a person's life. It helps you push yourself in ways you probably never thought you could or ever would have even tried. And, all along you will have a cheering section of strangers who soon become your friends and biggest supporters in everything you do both inside and outside of the box.

7. What does CrossFit mean to you? CrossFit to me means showing up for myself. Its an hour I dedicate just for me. To challenge myself, to laugh at myself and to impress myself. This 60min of my day that I show up for myself then allows me to show up for the ones who matter to me. My husband, my kids, my family and friends. It humbles me in many ways. It proves to me day in and day out that I am human and its okay if I can't clean #200 pounds because I am still strong. And most importantly it teaches me the best thing to be is myself because that is enough for my 5:30am family, as it should be for the rest of the world.

8. How has CrossFit helped you improve your life outside of the gym? I think I kinda already answered how CrossFit has helped me improve outside of the gym in some answers above. Basically, life is hard, really hard sometimes. But a 21-15-9 WOD can be just as or even harder. And if you can get through that, you can get through anything life throws at you! #justdocrossfit

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