Where Is More Hiding?

As coaches we are constantly giving instructions, cues, tips and feedback to our athletes. As a trainer our job is to get more out of you, the client. More knees out and chest up in your air squat, more spine neutral and hips down in the deadlift, more everywhere to create the safest, most effective movement patterns that will help yield the greatest results. But where is more hiding, if I’m doing everything the Coach is asking in that moment? “More” is hiding in the fine details, in the basics, the super not sexy practice reps that usually fall somewhere in the warm up or the wod prep. Do yourself a favour and apply the same effort in mastering the basics and fundamentals in the warm ups and wod preps and care 100% across all movements that you preform and you will see a drastic increase in things like, strength gain, range of motion increase, injury prevention and just overall health and wellness. More is hiding, it’s our job to bring it out of you, but it’s your job to want to find it.