The Power of a Positive Mindset

“Coach I can’t RX this workout” or “Coach what’s the best weight for me to do this WOD at so I can improve my snatches”. Which one is the positive mindset? An athlete with a positive mindset will outlast an athlete with a negative mindset in the long term. Do you often tell yourself, “I’m excited to get the most effective session in today”, or is it “I have to go to the gym right now”.

Do we search for the positive in every negative result or does the negative feel so heavy it weighs on our mindset for hours. “Man I missed all 10 snatch reps today, why am I not getting better at snatching”. This type of subtle negativity, doesn’t seem catastrophic to our well being, but it’s this negative attitude that will spill over into the rest of your day and leave you in a negative mindset spiral. “Man I missed all 10 snatches but I really liked the effort I had with my footwork, I figured out when to move my feet”.

Your mind is like a TV, if the channel that’s playing isn’t a positive one or one that you aren’t deciding to watch then you’re in luck because you control the remote, change the channel. You’re TV should run channels that drive positive change in every aspect of what you do, if they don’t, recognize it and change the channel. Search for the positive in every perceived negative and see what happens.