Stay Close to Your Why

Why do you use CrossFit as a method of training to reach your goals? CrossFit is designed with no specific person in mind, no set shape or size, no age or demographic. CrossFit is for everyone looking to broaden there health and wellness horizons. Not good at squatting great, let’s learn to improve our squatting mechanics. Don’t like running 5km, sweet let’s do it, let’s force you out of your normal routine and comfort zone and allow change to happen. CrossFit has a unique ability to pick you up, and place you dead smack in an uncomfortable state, in the eye of the storm. For some it might get uncomfortable 35 mins into their first time doing “Murph” as prescribed and for others it might get uncomfortable somewhere on the car ride to the box. Regardless where exactly it will be, CrossFit will force you to overcome things you may not have thought possible before. Doing CrossFit forces you to become aware of your personal responsibility to your body’s health and wellness, you are not a victim of circumstance, you are responsible for your own development. Our program is designed to build better more well rounded human beings! Grace Mack said it well! “Stronger people are harder to kill”!

One thing that holds true even in your most uncomfortable of times, is staying close to your “why” and never losing sight of it. Why am I doing this? Why do I care? Why should I care? Who am I doing this for? What am I doing today that will better me tomorrow?Having a firmer grip on your why will make your most uncomfortable times seem less uncomfortable, but only until your uncomfortable again.

What is your CrossFit why? What is your business and professional why? What is your relationship why? Stay close to your why.