Sheila F is our All Leveler of the Month for December!


1. What got you started in CrossFit?  How did you hear about it?
Linda C. gave me and my daughter, Sam a golden ticket in January 2018 and I thought it would be a great way to get back in shape and spend time with Sam.
2.  What is your favourite part about coming to the gym?
I really like the atmosphere (love that there are no mirrors), the people, the coaches, just about everything!  I love that every day is different and that I always leave the gym kinda proud that I was able to finish.
3.  What is your favourite CrossFit movement?  Least favourite?
Favorite would be wallballs and rowing, oh and I also have a new found love for box jumps lol .  Least favorite is of course burpees.  But I’m getting to like them more.
4.  What are your goals in CrossFit?
My goal is to keep it up.  Keep coming to the gym.  Keep feeling as good as I feel.  There’s nothing better than being my age and feeling good.  Physically and mentally.
How do you explain your newfound obsession with CrossFit?
I have been pretty active my whole life, participating in many sports and just trying to stay somewhat fit as I age.  I struggled along the way for sure with aches and pains and spurts of lack of motivation.  CrossFit for me is  the whole package.  My mobility and strength haven’t been as good as they are now in a long, long time.   That makes me happy.
6.   What advice do you have for someone who is thinking of trying CrossFit?
I think they just need to go to a class and see what it is.  You’ll be hooked!  It’s for everyone of every age, size and ability.  It really is.
7.   What does CrossFit mean to you?
CrossFit has really become a part of my life in a short time.  It makes me happy.  Doesn’t matter if I go to a class after work,  in the early morning or on the weekend, I love it.  It means feeling good, feeling strong, feeling able.  Physically and mentally.
8.   How has CrossFit helped you improve your life outside of the gym?
The other day a co-worker asked me why I wasn’t using my stand up desk anymore (which my employer bought me a few years ago due to arthritis in my back and not being able to sit all day).  I hadn’t even thought about it, but the answer is because I don’t need to anymore – CrossFit.  Not more stand up desk, no more pain pills, no more chiropractor.    That makes me happy.
Thanks for everything All Level CrossFit!!  🙂