We firmly believe that teams are far more effective than groups of individuals. Teams are built upon strong values, common goals, and a commitment to support. We at All Level will instill these values during a Team Building Session, designed for individuals of ANY fitness level.

Team Building with All Level CrossFit
$100 first time flat rate
Up to 40 people, our place or yours! Price does not include HST.

Here’s what you can expect from this session:

Teamwork & Collaboration

Individuals will join together to overcome challenges in a safe, supportive and fun environment


Individuals will feel accountable toward their teammates in completing given tasks


We at All Level never underestimate the power of community; good energy is contagious


Have fun while learning the basics of functional fitness and balancing a healthy lifestyle

Benefits of Team Building

  • Learning/adapting to working in a team; uniting the group
  • Shared experiences create relatable experiences
  • Collaboration in a safe, challenging, supportive and fun environment
  • Feeling accountable for your team mates; celebrating their successes; motivating your performance
  • A chance for employees to have fun outside of work; improves sociability (building relationships) and culture
  • Remove departmental boundaries; engage employees regardless of level or function

Benefits of CrossFit

  • “Healthier employees are more likely to be productive because of greater energy levels and higher self-esteem”
  • “Fitness, social and teamwork components should be part of every corporation’s culture”
  • Connection between fitness and profitability
  • Counteract effects of sitting at a desk all day
  • Stimulus of trying something new: a renewed sense of creativity
  • Fits a busy schedule; we do all the thinking/programming for you
  • You need not prepare for CrossFit; CrossFit prepares you
  • “When you work out with a group of people, you bond with them.”
  • “Community-building reputation”