Powerlifting Seminar Jan. 13th w/ Haley Randall!


Power Lifting Seminar–Jan 13th at 1:30pm with 2017 IPA World Champ Haley Randall.

Come and learn about powerlifting from one of the best in our area.  Haley can deadlift over 500lbs, bench over 200lbs and squat almost 400lbs!  CRAZY!  In her seminar we’ll talk about:

  • how she found powerlifting
  • what a typical training day looks like.
  • her diet.
  • preparing for competitions.
  • tips and tricks on all the powerlifts.

And then we LIFT HEAVY stuff!!!

Haley is asking that you make a donation to the Hiatus House if you are attending.

You don’t need to be a member of the gym to attend and you can sign up on Achieve here.