Ivie Lock-Luttmer is March’s All Leveler of the Month

1)  What got you started in CrossFit?  How did you hear about it?
When I moved to Ontario, I needed an outlet for my competitive nature. I watched the fittest on earth documentaries and decided to try it out. After my first foundations class, I knew this was going to be my new sport.
2)  What is your favourite part about coming to the gym?
My favourite part about coming to the gym is being around my all my favourite, like minded people, and testing/strengthening my physical and mental abilities.
3)  What is your favourite CrossFit movement?  Least favourite?
My favourite movements are the snatch and handstand push ups because they look the most badass and I can perform them the best. I don’t think I have a least favourite movement, because when we find a weakness, we attack it. the reward of overcoming a weakness completely outweighs the frustration of having one.
4)  What are your goals in CrossFit?
My ultimate goal in Crossfit is to win the Crossfit games. I will never quit and I have a support team to help me get there!
5)  How do you explain your newfound obsession with CrossFit?
I tell people that Crossfit is my favourite part of my day. Crossfit is humbling, and that they will never really understand until they try it.
6)  What advice do you have for someone who is thinking of trying CrossFit?
Anyone who is thinking of trying Crossfit should definitely do it! The community aspect of Crossfit can’t be found at any other gym, and it’s a great workout every time. You will feel like you can take on the world after a wod!
7)  What does CrossFit mean to you?
Crossfit means the world to me. I love to suffer and test my limits and see the outcome. Crossfit allows me to let all stress go and just have a good time training and dancing of course! Crossfit led me to some of my best friends, and a new lifestyle. I love it!
8)  How has CrossFit helped you improve your life outside of the gym?
Since starting Crossfit, my work ethic in school is much better. I am overall much happier because I have something to look forward to everyday.