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Polar Plunge!

  February 13, 2020 by John Mack

Help us raise money for the Special Olympics by joining our team or by donating! The event takes place Feb 28th, 6:30pm at the Windsor International Aquatic and Training Centre Help athletes like our very own Special Olympics world recorder holder Julia Lane on their journey in athletics.

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A Look Into Pregnancy, Postpartum, & the Pelvic Floor

  January 4, 2020 by John Mack

CrossFit Kids Winter Session

  December 11, 2019 by John Mack

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Bring A Friend Day Wed Sept. 4th All WOD Classes!

  September 3, 2019 by John Mack

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Fall Free For All

  July 16, 2019 by John Mack

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GolFit Tournament Aug. 17th

  July 13, 2019 by John Mack

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May 2019 All Leveler–Karly Dominato!

  April 30, 2019 by John Mack

  1. What got you started in CrossFit?  How did you hear about it?

I was finishing up my undergrad and finally had more time to dedicate to fitness, and decided I needed some more intensity than my usual Pilates and yoga routine. I had heard of CrossFit before but didn’t know anyone how actually CrossFit did, so I didn’t really have any preconceived notions about it. I did some research about it and decided to give it a shot.

2.  What is your favourite part about coming to the gym?

I’d say that my favourite thing about coming to the gym is that really great feeling of accomplishment when you’re done the WOD. Whether it be after a heavy day when you hit a new PR, or after a long chipper that leaves you feeling slightly destroyed. I think that feeling is why I enjoy going to the early morning classes; I start my days on a positive note even if the rest of my day isn’t the best.
3. What is your favourite CrossFit movement?  Least favourite?

My favourite CrossFit movement is probably squats. Doesn’t matter the kind… front squat, back squat, overhead squat. I especially love WODs that involve running and squatting. My least favourite movement is definitely the Assault Bike. It really kills me. I try to be optimistic about it when I see in a WOD but it’s hard.

4. What are your goals in CrossFit?

My overall goals in CrossFit are to continue to get stronger and lead a healthy lifestyle. My specific CrossFit goals are to improve on my double unders (and skipping in general) and to work on my pull ups. Most people who have worked out with me know that I’m not the best skipper but I’m working on it.

5. How do you explain your newfound obsession with CrossFit?

Well, it started slowly. When I first joined, I was coming maybe 3-4 times a week and going to the gym when it fit into my schedule. But slowly it’s become something that I make room for in my daily and weekly schedule and if for some reason I can’t make it in when I planned, I am very upset. It’s become something that I can’t imagine not being part of my life moving forward.

6.  What advice do you have for someone who is thinking of trying CrossFit?

My advice to someone who is thinking of trying CrossFit is to just go for it! Put yourself out there and try it, talk to people when you get to the gym, give it your all, stick it out through the initial pain. When you first start CrossFit it seems like a lot of sweating and muscle pain but it really does get better and it is so worth it!

7.  What does CrossFit mean to you?

CrossFit is the ideal way for me to stay fit and healthy! Since starting at All Level I have felt happier, healthier, fitter, and stronger than ever before.

8.  How has CrossFit helped you improve your life outside of the gym?

CrossFit has given me a very productive way to relieve the stress from life, school, and work. Recently, I lost someone close to me and found myself turning to CrossFit and fitness as a means of dealing with it, which is something I never would have dreamed of helping me a couple years ago.   

End of Open Party April 13th

  April 1, 2019 by John Mack

End of Open Party, April 13th!

Clear Your Calendar!

The blood, sweat and tears have come and gone.  Now it’s time to
celebrate!  Join us at a transformed ALL LEVEL CROSSFIT for a party to
end all parties.  We will crown the Intramural Champs, give out awards
and dance till we can complain about how sore we are the next day!

Food by Grand Cantina
Wine by Viewpointe Estates
Beer by Motor Craft Brewery
Spirits by Beam Suntory
Music by DJ Iain Hamilton

Tickets are $65 and are inclusive of food and drink.  They must be purchased in advance for ordering purposes. 

Girls Gone RX Comes To Windsor!

  March 8, 2019 by John Mack

Girls Gone Rx Canada is coming to Windsor, ON!! We’re super excited to announce this location, hosted by All Level CrossFit!

Our competitions are put on to bring all types of women together through Competing for a Cure.

Teams of 3 Badass Ladies:
4 Workouts + 1 Fundraising Score which counts towards 5% of your total score
Divisions: Rx and BAM (Badass in the Making)
Max Weights/Standards:

Some benefits of our events:
> Girls Weekend! Have a blast competing with your best friends for a great cause!
> Fun, rocking pink and glitter, challenging workouts, PR’s, and tons of epic moments!
> No “finals”, all teams will get to do all workouts!

Registration: $270 per team. Registration will open January 2019
Tank Deadline: March 31st, 2019
$30 from every team registered is donated to the Canadian Cancer Society

In addition to some amazing prizes for the top teams, EVERY team will get an awesome swag bag! Swag bags include samples, freebies, coupon codes, gift certs, and more!

We do not do refunds for our events, but will happily accept team exchanges if you can find someone to take your team spot.


Register Here

Nikki L is our March All Leveler!

  March 1, 2019 by John Mack

1. What got you started in CrossFit? How did you hear about it?

CrossFit was always something that intrigued and intimidated me. Physical wellness is
very important to me and I am always looking to grow and expand my knowledge in the
area but always have an underlying fear of injury and putting myself out there. I have a
few friends who have done CrossFit and loved it but I was always worried about the
risk of this type of work out and not quite fitting in. I heard about All Levels from Jodie
and Laura years ago, always pushing the bring a friend day along with my co-worker
Justin talking about it every day! I could tell they loved it! They finally twisted my arm
enough and convinced me to at least come and try it out.

2. What is your favourite part about coming to the gym?

My favourite part of coming to the gym is the environment that is created. It’s an
amazing thing when others come together to support each other! You are around like
minded passionate people who are so encouraging, and often push you to the next
level. Coaches are invested in your success and encourage you to try something new,
or correct your movements to help you see the results you are looking for. The work
outs differ in kind from moderate-intensity efforts to high intensity pushing you to do
things you may not enjoy but push you to become better, stronger, faster. Also ‘All
Levels’ are literally welcome, there is an absolute scalability of any workout. If I am not
comfortable doing something, I can substitute it with something else to build towards
that RX movement/weight. I am doing things I NEVER thought I could do in short
periods of time by working towards a goal which is all thank you to the environment
offered at All Levels.

3. What is your favourite CrossFit movement? Least favourite?

Right now my favorite movements are my one pull up / rope climb I am able to do.
These are two things I absolutely hated and never thought I could accomplish one
unassisted. Now that I can completed one I look forward to getting stronger in these
areas! Least favorite hands down is the Assault bike, funny I am a very passionate
cyclist but hate when I see bike cals in a work out!

4. What are your goals in CrossFit?
My goal is to become a better all round athlete, better myself to become fitter, faster
and stronger and expand my knowledge in health and wellness. I love sharing my
passion for fitness with others so the more information I have the more I can encourage

others to better themselves as well. My main focus is to become a better triathlete
using the functional fitness offered at All Levels to be a better swimmer, runner and

5. How do you explain your newfound obsession with CrossFit?

In my short time doing CrossFit at All Level I have seen some major changes and
benefits along with meeting some pretty amazing and supportive people. This is what
keeps me coming back, to be honest when I first joined I thought this would be
something I could do during my ‘off season’ to try and build some strength but now I
am hooked. I have gained so much knowledge in functional fitness and nutrition. I am
stronger and healthier than I have been in a long time and have even encouraged
some of those around me to try new things to better their well being. I look forward to
continue seeing these changes and challenging myself to be a better version of myself
and a better athlete.

6. What advice do you have for someone who is thinking of trying

I would encourage them to come in and try it and stick with it, make a commitment to
better yourself! It can seem very intimidating but it is truly for any level. Do not
compare yourself to athletes that have been doing this for a while. Compete with
yourself and get the right technique down, don’t be shy and ask if you need help with
anything. It will be challenging and rewarding at the same time. You show up, you do
your best and repeat.   Give it a few months and don’t quit.  Watch out – it’s addictive!

7. What does CrossFit mean to you?

It means getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. It means pushing yourself to the
next level where you didn’t think you could. It means trusting in the coaches because
they believe in you. It means community— a community where we support and cheer
on our successes and push through our failures. Together we push to become better
versions of ourselves.

8. How has CrossFit helped you improve your life outside of the gym?

When I came to All Levels I had a background in fitness, I’ve always had a gym
membership somewhere, I had taught a variety of fitness classes, I’ve completed more
70.3 Ironman’s, half marathons and Marathons than I can count and was always pushing myself to go bigger/better. All Levels has helped me take a step back, look at
the basics and develop from the ground up. You can’t get stronger or faster without
developing the movement properly and getting the basics down first… this is what I am
learning any ways! You also can’t get better until you better yourself, All Levels has
given me the tools to better my lifestyle with nutrition coaching, challenges like the
Whole Life Challenge and important exercises to do at home to prevent injury and
make me a better athlete. We now live a healthier lifestyle at home, I am starting to fix
basic movements to become a stronger athlete and I have shared this knowledge with
family and friends who are now implementing these changes with their families!
As I become healthier, I am becoming more confident in my abilities and myself. I am
more self-aware and making better choices of what is best for me instead of what works
for others. Through CrossFit and the knowledge I am gaining, I am finding more self-
confidence to being a better me.