Justin Arnold January All Leveler!

1. What got you started in CrossFit?  How did you hear about it?
Me and my wife got started last December, after watching a bunch of CrossFit games videos on YouTube and seeing the level of fitness all the men and women we decided to look further into it. When we got to CrossFit All levels (name at the time) and found out you had childcare options we decided to pull the trigger and start getting in better shape again.
2.  What is your favourite part about coming to the gym?
My favourite part of the gym is the people you work out with and the coaching staff. Every time I get there everyone is so welcoming and fun to be around. The coaches get to know your strengths and weaknesses pretty quick and always push you to go harder when you need it or hold you back to improve form when needed. (which is always). I leave feeling so tired but it’s that good tired that sort of clears your head and leaves you feeling amazing.  I also love the friendly competition that you develop with other members.
3. What is your favourite CrossFit movement?  Least favourite?
My current favourite CrossFit movement would have to be the Deadlift. When you go really heavy with it you feel like you can lift a house. My most hated movement would have to be running, but this is a place where I feel that I have improved so much this past year that maybe in 2019 burpees will regain the crown of worst thing in the world.
4.  What are your goals in CrossFit?
   My goals are to always be improving everywhere. I really want to focus on gymnastics movements and improving my Olympic compound lifts. I have also started the Nutrition Rx program to focus on my diet and weight loss.
5.  How do you explain your newfound obsession with CrossFit?
It really grows on you, the more you go the better you get. You start to do things you never thought possible. I climbed a rope this year, I am a 260lb man. I never thought I could ever be in that kind of shape. The way that every month you hit new PR’s with this program is the proof that it works and keeps you wanting more.
6.  What advice do you have for someone who is thinking of trying CrossFit?
  Do it, do not wait. It looks like it will be the hardest thing you have ever done and it will be, but that is what builds the new you. You will see it and say “ I need to get in better shape first, it’s too hard”. Just start and get through that first month. You will never regret being a better version of yourself.
7.  What does CrossFit mean to you?
 To me CrossFit means community, when you are there and hit a big lift or do something you never did before everyone gets hyped for you. It’s really awesome to have a whole room of people get excited for your accomplishments. Everyone pushes everyone to work hard.  The coaching staff are amazing and take a serious interest in your successes and your failures.
8.  How has CrossFit helped you improve your life outside of the gym?
  I have a two year old daughter and another baby on the way. CrossFit has giving me back my energy to get out be active and spend quality active time with my family. I am less stressed from work and life. I leave the gym feeling amazing all the time. It has changed my outlook on fitness and really on what I think I am capable of.