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I can’t believe how fast these weeks fly by!  Seems like I just finished last week’s FF (super cool abbreviati0n) yesterday.   As always, lots of good stuff that covers the full spectrum of CrossFit related health and wellness.  Even some great tips on Thrusters as they are coming up next week in the programming (when don’t they come up!!?).  Also some great stuff on shoulder mobility (mobility = strength + flexibility) as we have been really stressing the CrossOver Symmetry protocol at the box, but you unless you have a set at home you won’t always have access.   Lastly our mindset piece is a virtual “eff you” to the scale, which can be a completely flawed yardstick of progress.  Hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do finding them!



The amount of information floating around the web today regarding nutrition is beyond confusing.  Do I eat an all vegetable diet?  All meat?  Is dairy bad?  Is dairy good?  What do I believe?  As always, I think the answer usually lies in the middle and should be prefaced by “…it depends…”.  As we are starting to learn, nutrition is a lot more dependent on the individual then we previously believed and what it comes down to is a lot of trial and error.  What works for you, might not work for me and vice versa.  One of the hottest topics recently has been gluten.  Is it the devil or a trendy new affliction used to explain away every symptom around.  Well….it depends…

That being said, knowledge gleaned from clinical trials is always one of the best sources, so here goes:

Should I Eat A Low Gluten Diet



This one makes it into the mindset category as it takes a conventionally accepted tool of progress (the scale) and tells you to throw it away.  It’s a great lesson as it can be applicable to almost anything that stresses you out.  Checking your phone in the middle of the night (guilty) can result in a crappy sleep.  Get it out of your bedroom.  Checking your email first thing in the morning makes you anxious?  Leave it to later on it the day.  If it’s that important, they’ll find another way to contact you.  For me, this article represents managing stressors, let you being the judge of you and setting yourself up for success rather than the other way round.

Why You Shouldn’t Weigh Yourself


As I mentioned in the intro, shoulder health is very important to any athlete, but even more so to CrossFitters as we spend a good deal of time lifting heavy things off of the ground and over our heads.  We often only pay attention the the big deltoid muscles and forget about the little, but important, stabilizers that keep our shoulders safe.  This article gives you several pre-hab exercises to keep the stabilizers happy and healthy.

Five Exercises to Instantly Improve Shoulder Mobility


Thrusters are one movement that most CrossFitters have a love/hate relationship with.  A uniquely CrossFit movement (thank you Coach Glassman) that you love for the results they provide, but hate in the moment, thrusters are bound to come up frequently in any good programming.   In fact we have a whole day next week dedicated to this lovely movement.  So here are some good tips on how to get better at thrusters (and by correlation life!).

Improve Your Thruster Technique



Some people don’t like music when they run.  I am not one of those people.  I need music to still my racing mind.  I need music to get my over that too steep hill.  I need music to shut out the crazy person yelling at me as I run down the riverfront.  And I need music…well, because I need music.  But…I don’t like running with my phone.  I’m not a fan of the armband (it always ends up in my armpit).  I have yet to embrace the fanny pack and I don’t like to hold it in my hand as it gets sweaty and gross in my pocket.  What’s a poor guy to do.  I bought a running watch with built in storage and a music player (Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music)

but I really like the idea of being able to sync my Spotify playlists with a device that doesn’t take up a lot of space and doesn’t rely on a wifi or cellular signal to work.  So here it is!  If anyone gets one, please give me the lowdown, cause it looks awesome!

Mighty Streaming Music Player


And there you go.  Five golden nuggets to get you through the weekend, get you thinking, get you training and maybe even get you shopping (see above for my Christmas wish list).

Have fun, make good choices and be safe.  See you next Friday!!




Sheila F is our All Leveler of the Month for December!


1. What got you started in CrossFit?  How did you hear about it?
Linda C. gave me and my daughter, Sam a golden ticket in January 2018 and I thought it would be a great way to get back in shape and spend time with Sam.
2.  What is your favourite part about coming to the gym?
I really like the atmosphere (love that there are no mirrors), the people, the coaches, just about everything!  I love that every day is different and that I always leave the gym kinda proud that I was able to finish.
3.  What is your favourite CrossFit movement?  Least favourite?
Favorite would be wallballs and rowing, oh and I also have a new found love for box jumps lol .  Least favorite is of course burpees.  But I’m getting to like them more.
4.  What are your goals in CrossFit?
My goal is to keep it up.  Keep coming to the gym.  Keep feeling as good as I feel.  There’s nothing better than being my age and feeling good.  Physically and mentally.
How do you explain your newfound obsession with CrossFit?
I have been pretty active my whole life, participating in many sports and just trying to stay somewhat fit as I age.  I struggled along the way for sure with aches and pains and spurts of lack of motivation.  CrossFit for me is  the whole package.  My mobility and strength haven’t been as good as they are now in a long, long time.   That makes me happy.
6.   What advice do you have for someone who is thinking of trying CrossFit?
I think they just need to go to a class and see what it is.  You’ll be hooked!  It’s for everyone of every age, size and ability.  It really is.
7.   What does CrossFit mean to you?
CrossFit has really become a part of my life in a short time.  It makes me happy.  Doesn’t matter if I go to a class after work,  in the early morning or on the weekend, I love it.  It means feeling good, feeling strong, feeling able.  Physically and mentally.
8.   How has CrossFit helped you improve your life outside of the gym?
The other day a co-worker asked me why I wasn’t using my stand up desk anymore (which my employer bought me a few years ago due to arthritis in my back and not being able to sit all day).  I hadn’t even thought about it, but the answer is because I don’t need to anymore – CrossFit.  Not more stand up desk, no more pain pills, no more chiropractor.    That makes me happy.
Thanks for everything All Level CrossFit!!  🙂

Friday Five 112318

Hey ALL,


This week’s musings on all things CrossFit from the rambling mind of a short on sleep affiliate owner, coach, husband and Dad (that’s me).  Hope you enjoy!



Don’t let your nutrition fall lag behind your training.  We all want to make those serious gainz, and that can only happen if you properly fuel your body.  Check out these foods that can help your recovery and have you back bigger and better than ever!.

8 Foods to Optimise Muscle Growth and Recovery After Crossfit Training


Stress is one of the biggest factors that holds back many people from reaching their true potential in and out of the box.  One of the biggest stresses can be relationships and family.  I know I struggle to be present for the ones I love in this age of instant gratification and social media.  Just being there isn’t enough. It’s something I’m actively working on and something that I think that will help in all facets of life.

How to Be More Present for the Ones You Love (and Your Life, Too)


Static stretching has it’s place, but it’s not always the best choice.  We all know hips can be a huge limiting factor in the gym if you aren’t paying attention to them in your down time.  Here is a great article from one of my favourite internet physios on how to keep your hips supple like that mythical leopard!

The 8 Best Drills To Unlock Your Hip Mobility


Do you have a watch with a built in heart rate monitor?  Do you know the value of training in different heart rate zones or do you just try and see how high you can get it to read (guilty).  This article explains why knowing your heart rate zones can be a great training tool and how to start using them.  Also, you can now sync your heart rate monitors to any of our new Concept 2 PM 5 monitors at the box and use this new data next time you are on the rower or ski erg!

Heart Rate Monitor Running



Don’t you wish you had a device that could track your reps for you?  No more, “am I at 41 or 49 reps…”.  Do you wish you really knew how hard you are working?  How hard compared to last time you did this wod?  Well check out this device from a Canadian company that is aimed directly at the CrossFit crowd for all of those reasons and more!

Nexus Wearable Device


And there you go!  This week’s five.  Enjoy, stay safe, have fun and leave it all out on the floor!






Friday Five 111618


Welcome back to the Friday Five with your host, two time CrossFit Games Documentary Watcher, John “Dad Joke” Mack (I think that might have been one right there).

If you have been following along at home, you’ll know that every Friday I will be reposting five links to what I consider worthwhile fitness/CrossFit content.  It will fall into one of five categories:  nutrition, training/instructional, mindset, mobility and technology/gadgets.  Lots of practical tips and advice and occasionally a bit of frivolous nonsense that made me chuckle or excited my juvenile spirit.  So without further wordiness and hyperbole, here is the FRIDAY FIVE!



In the health and fitness world there is so much noise about supplements and how they can help you achieve six pack abs, superhuman strength, dangerously high testosterone levels and laser mental focus.  For the most part many are ineffective, harmless and brilliantly marketed, but some are actually worthwhile.   The site I am referencing below,, is a great resource for confirming or debunking nutrition and supplement claims.  Examine uses verified studies and unlike many resources isn’t on the payroll of the company trying to sell you the product!  The results can be a bit wordy and scientific, but they have handy synopses for those who want the Cole’s notes.  As a side note, if you aren’t taking care of the “big three”; Nutrition, Hydration and Sleep, then supplementation shouldn’t be a priority.

Does Glutamine Build Muscle?


As athletes (and we are all athletes) there is one absolute certainty.  If you have been training long enough, you will experience some sort of injury.  Whether it is a sprained ankle from an unlucky misstep, a rotator cuff injury from a Friday night volleyball league gone wrong or a pulled hamstring from kicking up into a handstand (this happened to me and was simultaneously shocking and embarrassing), injury will rear its ugly head at some point.  The way we deal with injury mentally, can really separate those who will continue to improve in and out of the gym and those who will experience the roller coaster of two steps forward and one step back in their training career.  Here’s a great article on how to use a positive mindset to tackle one of those “why me” moments.

Mindset: A key component in rehab and health


In CrossFit, we do a lot of picking things up and putting them down.  As a result of this many of us experience tight upper backs and traps (especially after “Hang Power insert the blank day”).  I know this stretch is a staple for me pretty much every day as it not only helps us with thoracic mobility, but provides relief in the traps, lats and shoulders.  Best of all it can be performed anywhere you have a flat, stable surface.  Countertops, couches, beds and racked olympic bars have all served me well.  Give it a try and enjoy!

How To Stretch Your Upper Back


As any trainer worth his or her salt will tell you, some form of dead lift should be included in your program.  One of the best “bang for buck” exercises and also one of the most functional, dead lifts will not only help you get stronger, fitter, bigger, and sexier (not scientifically proven), they will also help you kick a$$ well into your old age!  Who doesn’t need to pick up things off the floor!  That being said, dead lifts also come with a higher risk/reward factor.  Incorrectly performed dead lifts, even at lighter weights can be a one-way ticket to injury.  It’s important to treat any and every weight the same way and approach it with a mental checklist so that you can stay safe and strong!  Here is a great list of common mistakes when performing dead lifts that you can incorporate into your checklist pronto!

Top Five Dead Lift Mistakes


Around the box, you may have seen some of our athletes wearing what look like watches without faces.  What are these mysterious devices that don’t leave the wrists of some of our top performers?  They are called Whoop Bands  and they are taking the training wold by storm.  That funky little device measures a whole host of body metrics like resting heart rate, heart rate variability, sleep quality and more to provide a complete picture of how well your body is responding to your training and recovery.   Here is a great podcast on what the Whoop is, how to use it and why you should be using it.

Whoop Band


And there it is people.  Five nuggets of information that I think can make you a better athlete and person, or at minimum a little more knowledgeable!

Hope you enjoyed it.

Till next time.  Be positive, have fun and stay safe.

Adaptive Athlete Program

Our vision for our local community is to make it a more truly inclusive environment by creating programs that eliminate segregation. I want to make sure kids, and all people with Down syndrome, have access and opportunity to the things they enjoy, especially when focusing on physical fitness. This is why, we are going to providing a fully inclusive CrossFit Adaptive Athlete program at the All Level CrossFit. We truly want people with Down syndrome, and different abilities, to have the exact opportunities others have always had.

Tuesday in the 4pm and Saturday at the 12 pm WOD class athletes with Down syndrome will take part in our group class. With the help of Matt and Steph we will operate just like a normal class, with a little more emphasis on team/partner warm ups and variations to the work outs that can be scaled for ALL fitness levels.

Monday November 12th, at 5:00pm we will be hosting A sensitivity training for anyone who plans on being in these classes to chat about experiences and things that will set the program up for success. We would love to have as many of you there as possible.

If anyone is Interested in committing and helping full time with this program please let me know, the more the merrier.

The Friday Five

Hi everyone,


I’m starting a new feature that I’m going to run every Friday of cool stuff that I’ve discovered in my travels through the interwebs.  Most will have some tie in to CrossFit, fitness or health and wellness.  Some won’t, but will be included strictly out of my desire to share cool things with you!

As I started to compile this week’s list, the stars aligned and all of the content seemed to fit into neat little categories which I think will be the guiding principles for all future posts.

They are:

  • Nutrition
  • Training/Instructional
  • Mindset
  • Mobility
  • Technology/Gadgets

So, without further adieu, here is this week’s Friday Five!



This is one of the better articles I have read on macro-nutrients.  Not a lot of scientific language, just straight up info on what they are, what they do and some guidance on how, when and why to incorporate them into your diet.

What You Need to Know About Fats, Carbs, Protein, and Your Goals













I’ve been really into mindset lately (as anyone I’ve spoken to can tell you).  I really believe it is the key to unlocking whatever you want/need in fitness and life in general.  This one isn’t strictly about mindset per se, but it is a technique to help control your mind in times of stress, so I’m counting it.  Plus it’s used by Navy Seals and we all know they are bad@sses!

How to Stay Calm Like a Navy Seal












This article is from one of my favourite strength and conditioning coaches, even though he isn’t much of a CrossFit guy.  He is super smart, a former competitive powerlifter and an extremely successful guy.  This addresses one of the main mobility culprits when dealing with overhead movements, the thoracic spine.  Poor thoracic mobility can cause a multitude of problems upstream and downstream from the restriction which result in shoulder, neck, low back and even hip problems.  Check out this novel approach to making sure you aren’t cheating the mobilization.

Exercise of the Week: Bent-over T-Spine Rotation with Hip Hinge













Since we just picked up a couple of trap bars, I wanted to share this article to let you know what a trap bar is, why you might want to use it and how to use it.  I found this one to be pretty comprehensive and even comes with a few demo videos.   If you have a history of low back pain, limited mobility, or are just looking for a new exercise to add to your arsenal, the trap bar is for you!



I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a big kid at heart and I love me some gadgets.  This one checks all of the boxes for me.  Let’s me relive the childhood thrill of skateboarding without all the risks.  Check.  Gets me outside and makes me feel somewhat athletic.  Check.  Scratches that adrenaline itch.  Check.  Is an extremely cool piece of technology!  CHECK!  How I would actually justify a purchase like this…TBD.

Onewheel+ XR

And that’s it!  The Friday Five for this week.  I really enjoyed compiling this list and I’m already looking forward to next week.   Till then, have fun, be safe and I’ll see you at the box!



Richard B is our All Leveler of the Month for November!